North Church Gravel, Inc

New Jersey's largest natural sand and gravel deposit


North Church Gravel has the largest remaining natural, single source sand and gravel deposit in northern New Jersey.

Concrete Sand/3mm Turf Base Grits
Fill Sand Turf Top Mulch
Thermal Sand
Dead Sand – screened/unscreened Topsoil Crushed Stone
Mason Sand Bank Run Pea Gravel
Asphalt Sand K-4 Certified Select Fill Road Gravel
Utility Sand K-5 Certified Select Fill 1/4” Gravel
Stone Dust 3/8” Select Fill Blend 3/8” Gravel
3/4” Select Fill Blend 3/4” Gravel
Zone 1 Embankment Fill A 1” Gravel
Zone 2 Embankment Fill B Low-Permiability Fill 1 1/2” Gravel
Common Fill
I-3 Soil Aggregate Pond Fill
I-5 Soil Aggregate Type S Fill
I-7 Soil Aggregate Lightweight Fill - 69pcf loose dry-rodded, for
I-9 Soil Aggregate Specialty soil conditions
I-10 Soil Aggregate


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